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Generally, it takes approximately 120 days to build our homes from start to finish.  Once the construction process is completed, additional time should be allowed for moving the home to its final location.  During the 120 days, site work should be accomplished, so that once construction is completed, the moving process is seamless.

Yes in most cases we build homes that are designed by the new home owners to their tastes, needs and budgets.  We encourage home owners to bring in their own custom floor plan or feel free to tweak one of ours to your desires.

We require a signed purchase agreement and 25% down before we start construction.  We also have 50% & 75% milestones payments during the construction process.  With the 100% payment required before your home leaves our property.  We carry all insurance on your home until it leaves our property at which time it will be covered by Milbank House Movers in transit.

Our homes have all the manufacture warranties with them.  We do a (1) time fix of any potential moving cracks within 60 days after the move.

No, our homes are (1) piece constructed and can be as wide as 36’ (or more in certain situations).  They are constructed with the same material and construction techniques as on-site homes.

While many factors go into a square foot price of a home.  We would say our homes on a lower end would be $120/SF with a general top end at $140/SF.  Please keep in mind that this is a general approximation and would fit 90% of the homes we build.

We do not provide financing.

We don’t provide any construction services at the final home location.  We would be happy to provide CAD drawings for a basement and garage plans for onsite work.  In addition we will provide all material information if you choose not to purchase that material from us.

We use two (2) types of engineered floor systems:   (1.) 11-7/8” I-joist   and (2.) Clear span floor truss.

  1. 11-7/8”  I-joist would require a support wall or beam down the center of the basement/crawl space.   This type of floor system would typically require 1-2 steps from the garage floor.  The heating & cooling duct work would need to be boxed out in the basement ceiling.
  2. Clear span floor trusses are an open web that will clear span your basement with no support walls required.  This type of floor system would typically require 3-4 steps from the garage floor.  The heating & cooling duct work can be run within the floor truss with no need to run any duct work below as with 11-7/8” I-joist.

Generally most homes are moved within a 250 miles radius of Milbank however we can move a home almost anywhere.  Please refer to the “Moving Guide” for general pricing.

Our homes have all faucets with the plumbing lines subbed though the floor.  We are unable to finish the lines due to the moving process.

We do not include appliances or heating/cooling unit with our homes.

Homes need to be set on either a 4’ crawlspace or full basement.  Homes are unable to be set on a slab due to the moving process of loading & unloading the homes.

Typically the electrical panel is generally not included due to it being in a basement utility room.  All of electrical wires/cat5/coax tv cables are pulled to one location under the house.  All spec homes on the lot are designed for a basement electrical panel.  However any custom home the electrical panel can be located as the customer’s dictates.

We do not provide or install any duct work with the house.  This is due to the moving process it makes it prohibitive to do so.  We will however cut the holes for the return air and supplies. We also provide the return air and supply registers.

On the main page of the website under the tab “Moving Guide” you can access the pricing guide.  Milbank House Movers Inc. can also provide a moving estimate for you.

The walls are insulated with 3” of closed cell spray foam insulation.  The attic is blow in with loose fill cellulose insulation to an R-49 value.  All doors & windows are sealed with a window tape and spray foam.  Our houses are so tight we recommend air exchanger to control humidity within the house.

We wanted to let you know how happy we are with the house.  We had a lot of questions, calls, e-mails and texts to you throughout the process and each and every time they were answered very quickly and honestly which was very reassuring in the process.  The house looks amazing and has turned out to be better than we had hoped for with no issues and would definitely recommend you guys.  We want to thank you and your staff for making the process easy and smooth.  Thank you  Scott P  |  Volga, SD
Brewster’s was great to work with on the purchase of our home! They had all the products used on the home documented and made building the garage and basement easy. They helped with the lay out of the basement and garage to help make the entire project go smoothly. They used quality products and were always willing to answer our questions. Jesse & Nicole L.  |  Colman, SD
I just wanted to say thank you for everything.  We got the house last week and there were no cracks or door/window issues and everything looks great.  There are a lot of new houses going up in our area and we have been recommending you guys to everyone that stops in.   I just wanted to touch base one last time and thank you and your staff for your hard work in getting us into our dream home! Lindsay H.  |  Bradley, SD
We love our home you guys built for us! It was great to bring you a design, and you were able to do exactly what we want in our dream home! Working with you was great, you made the process easy, and everything was completed when promised! Our family and friends love the job you guys did as well! Thank you so much! Janel & Paul T.  |  Canby, MN